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I'm delighted to offer you the limited-time opportunity to own one of the first printed copies of Portico, and one I will personally sign and dedicated to you or a loved one.

When you pay, you will be be able to download information about how to send your instructions to me, so I can create your unique copy and send it out to you.

Thank you so much for your interest in Portico, and for supporting my work!

Gideon Burrows

What are you willing to share? How much are you willing to pay?

It’s 2030. A world of driverless electric cars, touchless screens and social media that knows what you want before you do.

When jaded journalist Curtis Soren meets the new powerful boss of the government’s mysterious Ministry for Society, he uncovers a top-secret organisation that puts him and his colleagues in danger – and threatens the privacy and freedom of every citizen.

In a struggle with his own haunted past and a present he doesn’t understand, Soren is forced to take on Portico, the biggest social media organisation of all.

It becomes a desperate battle to expose the truth in an online world of fake news, censorship and social users addicted to their screens.

Lose yourself in this thrilling page turner which will challenge how you think about the future, and what you might need to sacrifice to get there.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (457KB)
  • PDF (2MB)
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