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The Author Accountability Planner

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The one thing that most writers have in common is struggling to get the beginning, middle and end of their idea of paper.

That’s why I created this downloadable PDF planner, and my Make Your Book A Reality memberships and guides.

  • This 12 month planner not only clarifies what you are aiming for with Writing dreams pages and plans for the month
  • Focuses your attention with weekly tracker sheets
  • Reminds you as you go along what you have already achieved with Monthly Mountains and Quarterly Qualities pages
  • And motivates you each month with a little message from me

The author accountability planner not only helps you finish writing your first draft, but helps you develop great writing habits to help you write any future books too.

It is said that where your attention goes the energy flows, So, let’s get more energy into your writing! and get your book finished.

Use on your device or print it off - the choice is yours

You will get a ZIP (933KB) file