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Aspects: Books 1-6

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A kingdom in need of a princess, a planet in need of protection, and a girl caught between.

6 books. Over 1000 pages of battling monsters, forbidden romance, and magical girls kicking ass.

When Claire was chosen as an Aspect, a warrior sworn to protect the remaining cities of Earth from the alien creatures roaming the wastelands, she thought her life was over.

Even with the powers that came with the job, she doubted she could survive the creatures that killed her mother.

But it isn't just the creatures she needs to worry about.

Two hundred years after dumping the creatures on Earth, the aliens who designed them have returned, looking for the heir of the alien rebel who came to Earth to help humanity fight the creatures.

The alien rebel who was also their princess.

And Claire's ancestor.

Every Aspect is needed to defend Earth, but if Claire doesn't leave, they'll have a lot more than genetically engineered monsters to worry about.

This collection includes the first six books in the Aspects YA sci-fi series. If you're a fan of anime like Sailor Moon and RWBY, and love kick-ass heroines with equal parts heart and attitude, you'll love this fast-paced sci-fi adventure.

Buy the boxset to get your fix of fun YA sci-fi today!
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