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Wake up and Live 8-week course

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This 8-week course is aimed at looking a little deeper into mindfulness and meditation. In it, Zen master Daizan Skinner will introduce you to some Zen meditation techniques and practices designed to explore what it means to develop a sense of grounding, and to have an understanding of yourself and the nature of reality.

This course is suitable if you’re looking for an introduction to meditation and ways of finding out who you are and what your relationship is to the world. You don't need to have any previous meditation experience - only a keen desire or intention to know more about who you really are! 

It is designed as a substitute in the event you are not able to get to a live class, or as a support for those that have already attended a similar course.

The course explores a variety of topics including:

Pain and the physical effects of meditation
The mental effects of meditation
Introduction to grounding and energy-work
Living at an elevated level of function
Stages of insight into self-understanding - knowing who you really are

The meditation and mindfulness techniques that are covered include:

Counting and following the breath
The Unborn mind
Working with a koan (question)
Soft ointment meditation
Ah-un breathing - cultivating the hara
Naikan - energizing the legs
Naitan - energy transformation
Mindful living

Over 10 hours of recorded material
including bonus videos
- The energetic basis of Zen
- How to deal with suffering and become one with the Universe
- Master Bankei and Shinzan Roshi
- The marriage of awareness and power

Study guide included
You will get the following files:
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