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Tarot Moon Journal ETERNAL Edition

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The printable Tarot Moon Journal is a magical workbook and planner that helps you manifest your goals and accelerate personal growth by tapping into the power of the lunar cycles.

The Tarot Moon Journal is suitable for tarot enthusiasts of all levels – beginners to advanced.

It is an ideal introduction to combining tarot with astrology.

You will learn about the zodiac cards and tune into their energies when the moon transits the individual zodiac signs through the year.

By combining tarot with astrology and the moon you will enhance your connection with your inner wisdom and take your readings to a deeper level.

You will be guided towards inspired action aligned with your intentions, plans and purpose.

During the course of a year, keep track of your goals, dreams and aspirations with monthly new moon and full moon readings, dark moon reflections and eclipse readings.

Monthly planner pages help you record your intentions and progress, and there is space for each day to record your daily draws.

The Tarot Moon Journal is a great tool for self-exploration and turning your dreams into reality – let the Tarot, the zodiac and the moon be your guides!

NEW! Tarot Moon Journal ETERNAL Edition

The latest edition of the Tarot Moon Journal can be re-printed every year, and you can start the journal at any time of the year. Simply rearrange the pages, starting from the month you begin journaling.

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