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Under The Ice (Seven Wardens #6)

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What secrets lie under the ice?

With enemies all around her, Macey finds allies in the most unusual places. Including a mysterious book that is determined to have her visit Greenland. And if that wasn't bad enough, Macey's family problems are only getting worse, with her brothers spreading rumours and a daimon mother-in-law demanding marriage.

In the cold plains of Greenland, Macey must learn to trust in herself, or else their whole mission will be in jeopardy.

A reverse harem (still) drenched in Scottish (and Inuit) mythology. Book 6 in the Seven Wardens series.

Reading order:

#1 From the Deeps
#1.5 Through the Storms (optional spin-off)
#2 Into the Mists
#3 Beneath the Earth
#4 Within the Flames
#5 Above the Waves
#6 Under the Ice
#7 Rule the Dark

Prequel: Beyond the Loch
You will get a PDF (30KB) file

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