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Welcome To: 36 Free Backing Tracks

As the name suggests, this free download includes 36 free backing tracks, all of which have been designed to work in conjunction with "The Complete Drummer's Guide" (Printed Book & eBook Versions).

"The Complete Drummer's Guide (Printed Book Version)" is only available in Australia, NZ, and Malaysia, and if you have purchased the printed book version, then downloading these backing tracks, will now completes your order (i.e. this download is offered instead of placing an old fashioned CD inside the book cover).

Now, if you are serious about progressing even further with your drumming studies, please note, also available to you, and for only $7, is "The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Drum Charts)." This includes a total of 147 backing tracks, plus drum charts.

"The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Drum Charts)" works in conjunction with the printed book (as well as the eBook version) by offering a full beginners to advanced development method, specifically designed to develop practical performance skills, as well as, learning to read drum charts.

Most music-minus-one options that are available, cater mainly for the advanced player. Therefore one has to already be a decent sight-reader in order to work through them. 

"The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Drum Charts)" is diferent in this way because the drum charts at the beginning are super easy to read and follow. However, by the end of the book, they become very advanced. So this is a real beginner to advanced practical performance, plus drum chart reading journey.

For details on this, and the other eBook publications within this series, please see the full list of eBooks available by this author within the Payhip store by clicking here:
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Good luck and have fun!
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