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Your purchase includes access to the AI Course Accelerator Masterclass and 30 days of support to make sure you are set up for success!

Also, we are committed to supporting educators. Your purchase will sponsor five teachers who will be gifted this tool for free.

Design interactive, project-based courses for all learning levels using the principles of Backwards Design with just One Click! Create a course outline about any learning outcome you can imagine. Just type in the desired learning outcome and you'll receive a full course outline split up into 4-6 modules including a project plan, learning objectives, activities, lesson plans, video scripts and more.

Ready to learn how to build out your entire course? Sign up for the 7-Day AI Course Accelerator Program today to turn your learning outcome from an idea into a monetizable business.

Note: you must have a ChatGPT account to use this tool. You can sign up for free at You will also need to be using a desktop (doesn't not work on phones) and have the AIPRM Chrome Extension downloaded.

You will get a PDF (768KB) file