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Boland The Continuation

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The everyday and the impossible keep bumping into each other, and sometimes seem to flow together, in Boland The Continuation.

Loki and Blaise are back, hungry for power and determined to destroy Boland utterly. Boland has survived, but not without losses and change.

Frost, Vera, and Dal have to become stronger to stand up to the renegades and, when Boland is ready, to get them back there, to remove their threatening ways from the Port Elwood Way of World.

Mysterious fires burn down buildings in Port Elwood, and the village worries about arson, even as it makes plans to spend the money from the treasures from 1926.

Loki and Blaise go from confident to desperate. Frost, Vera, and Dal, go from uncertain to determined. What will happen when they meet?

Excitement, adventure, growing pains and having fun, meet in the pages of Boland The Continuation. Suggested for readers aged 10 and up.
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