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Product Photography & Styling For Business Growth

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Did you know your pictures can be the reason for lack of sales and growth of your product/services? This product photography and Styling class is the perfect beginner guide you need to introduce you into the world of creativity and picture taking to boost your sales.

It will teach you Phone photography, Styling and Editing all on your phone! I know our phones have turned to our mobile office so I have tailored this class to bring you the best beginner friendly tutorial that you can learn and implement on the go.

Who Is This For?

This class is for you if:

- You own a small/medium business online

- You want to understand how to take pictures of your products yourself

- You want to learn how to creatively style your product shoots

- You're a content creator and want to take better pictures

- You just want to have the skill because no Knowledge is a waste

Your product pictures are affecting your business growth! Research has shown that images have a lot of influence on the buying decision of your customers. This video class will teach you how to creatively style, photograph and edit your product images and videos to increase sale and grow your audience.
You will get a MP4 (263MB) file