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Escaping Avila Chase - Paperback

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Escaping Avila Chase is a story about FBI Agent Trevor Hobbertson, who is having the worst week of his life. Not because a hacker he has been tracking slips through his fingers, but because his ex-girlfriend with an axe to grind is releasing a new book. Try as he might, Trevor just can’t escape the feeling that she’ll be airing all her grievances in her not so fictionalized tale.

Who is Avila Chase exactly? She’s a femme fatale with creative license, and she is sharpening her pen just for Trevor.

In this literary short story, we get a front-row seat to Trevor’s aching paranoia. Is Avila really after him or is this all in his mind? A novella that will leave you haunted, Escaping Avila Chase provides the reader with an uneasy feeling as Trevor revisits his memories with Avila across the city of Philadelphia. A physiological character evaluation, Escaping Avila Chase is a carefully constructed literary novella with a narrator you just love to hate.

This short story is rich with imagery and is a book for bookish people. Read this novella today and find out if you too can escape Avila Chase.

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