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Under Red Cliffs-a Poetry Anthology

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Do you like poems about everyday happenings?
Have you had to wait in lines, work in the heat, have you bills to pay?
What were your thoughts about those situations?

Under Red Cliffs is a Poetry anthology  full of poems of that nature.
"Your poems teach.."-WS,PHD

I started writing poems and lyric poems(songs) several years ago after I had taken a correspondence course for writing and not wanting to paper my walls with rejection slips like my writing instructor, wrote "The Writer".

"The Writer" and more verse about everyday life appear in this book.

Fullfilled and unfullfilled dreams, fears, joys, annoyances, happy, sad, and fun things in life are the subjects of the verse in this book. 

Susan nordmeyercreations
wrote May 9 2013
"I enjoyed the book"

And Barbara Hunt said on 2/14/2017:

“As a former book reviewer from California, I find Jay Beacham’s poetry book, “Under Red Cliffs”, most delightful.
There is much wisdom in his poetry- both serious and the funny ones, too.
A reader might think, “That has happened to me, or I thought that while standing in lines, or working in the heat.”
It takes talent and a lot of imagination to think about the little things in life as Jay has done.
His works range from the epic romantic ballads and everyday humor to the very spiritual poems often approaching death.
I would recommend Jay’s poetry as a book to read again and again, and a book to add to your book collection.”

Some people laugh and some cry when reading these poems.

"Your poems teach things," -W. S.

You are sure to find one or two that you especially like.

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