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Slimming Meditations

This fabulous audio course (with transcript) contains 450 slimming success thoughts to help you rewrite old, unhelpful beliefs that are running through your mind every day.

You know, all those things that you say to yourself:

I will always have a sweet tooth

I love bread so much, I’m addicted to it

What’s the point of even trying to diet, I know I will just go back to the way I was before

I will never be slim

I will get fatter and unhealthier as I get older; I don’t have a choice

I know I overeat, but I enjoy it too much to stop

I don’t want to give up my favourite junk foods, no matter the cost to my health and happiness


These are only thoughts, and they aren’t even really true; they are just beliefs and views you may have had for a long time and some are deeply entrenched.  Whilst you cannot remove them, they can be overlaid with new, positive thoughts and suggestions such as those contained in this audio course.

All 450 slimming success thoughts are on both audio and transcript, so you can read or listen to them as many or as few at a time as you want.  The more you read and listen, the more they will sink in.  Like me, you may even find yourself effortlessly taking different actions – actions more in alignment with the type of person you want to be in the areas of food and eating.

The writing style is repetitive and mildly hypnotic – both of these things help the words, meanings and feelings to sink in.

As you read or listen, become excited about how you are changing your thoughts and therefore your size and shape, and feel how it will feel to be that person now.  It feels really good!  At first it is recommended to read and/or listen to your slimming success thoughts every morning and every night, and times in between as well if you want – you cannot overdose. 

I have been using this method for several months now.  When I fully immersed myself and generated excitement and happiness for the possibilities as I listened or read, it was almost like a switch had been flicked and I found myself no longer craving the foods that were my downfall.

Now, I keep my reading/listening up as maintenance and it helps me stay on track.  Sometimes I will go for months at a time without looking at or listening to my slimming success thoughts, and then I will start to feel tempted and go back to them for a refresher.

For some of us it is a lifelong thing we have to be aware of.  The difference now is that you now have this tool to help steer you back towards your desired actions and it will make all the difference.  It will get less and less though, because you are rewiring your underlying programming little by little.

You can use these slimming success thoughts by themselves, or in conjunction with a weight loss programme if you already belong to one.  If you’re like me, you already know what to eat for health.  Knowledge is not the problem, motivation is.  That’s where these slimming success thoughts come in.  They help with motivation by changing your underlying thoughts to those which are more helpful than the current programming you have.


You will receive instant downloads of:

Three audios ranging from 13-16 minutes which contain 150 slimming success thoughts on each,

And all 450 slimming success thoughts on a pdf to read on your device/Kindle or print out.

You will get the following files:

  • PDF (131KB)
  • PDF (199KB)
  • M4A (7MB)
  • M4A (7MB)
  • M4A (8MB)

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$ 9.99

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