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Communicating Climate Justice

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Editors: Philip Lee & Lorenzo Vargas

Published in association with The Centre for Communication Rights
Southbound ISBN: 978-983-9054-65-1
Published: June 2022
216 pages, 14.0x21.4cm


The climate emergency is the most urgent existential challenge of our times. Climate justice — fair and equitable actions in response to climate change and its impacts — can only be achieved via communication justice — enabling everyone to speak their minds, express their opinions, and be heard in public. A people-centred approach to communicating climate change focuses on how to promote resilience and preparedness by sharing information and knowledge at all levels, especially by ensuring that the information provided comes from local and credible sources. Climate justice depends on communication justice!

Contents of the book

I. Introduction by Philip Lee & Lorenzo Vargas
II. Expanding Shrinking Civic Spaces: Envisioning an Inclusive World in 2030 by Philip Lee
III. Communication is Inscribed in Human Nature by Michael Traber
IV. Communication and Information Poverty in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by Lorenzo Vargas & Philip Lee
V. Addressing Gender Issues in Media Content by Sarah Macharia
VI. What Do the SDGs Mean for the World’s Indigenous Peoples? by Dev Kumar Sunuwar

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