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Magician Brand Ensemble | Steampunk

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Designed for: Magician Brand Archetypes

19th century throwback with a romantic, industrial flair

This 25-page compilation was individually designed with hand-picked colors and fonts to help showcase your brand archetype's unique personality. The typographical elements and hues chosen were carefully selected to accurately and powerfully represent your brand's unique archetypal persona and evoke emotion in your ideal customers.

There are several different kits for each archetype, each with it's own authentic vibe. Choose the one that resonates most with your own style.

What's Inside:

  • A Color Palette
    5 well-appointed hues to perfectly represent your brand's persona, including guidance on which shade plays what role throughout your branding. I've included the HEX codes for each shade so you get the exact same color, every single time.

  • A Font Hierarchy
    4 uncommon, yet stunning expertly matched fonts. I've also included specs, sizing, placement, usage instructions + download links. All fonts are free for commercial use. They've been intentionally and carefully curated from my favorite font alcoves.

  • A Mood Board
    Your brand's distinctive flair, ecapsulated. Lean on it as you choose photos and other visuals to represent your brand. You can also share with your graphic designer so they get a better feel for your brand vibe. 
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Choose carefully. Due to the digital nature of this product, one it has been downloaded, no refunds will be offered. 
You will get a PDF (9MB) file

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