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Everyone seems to be anxious or upset. People are arguing. Family gatherings are tense. Information and opinions are bombarding us from all sides. Fear and anxiety are preventing many people from getting enough sleep.

A world that has never been lonelier and more broken is crying out for some guidance that can help them navigate this gauntlet of social implosion. To be silent is to be seen as complicit, but to be vocal is to add to the noise. So then, what is the answer, and how should a Christian respond?

The THINK ABOUT series is a set of standalone Christian devotionals that can be read in any order. Each book contains thirty-one biblical reflections that use poignant stories and metaphors that will change the trajectory of your day.

In this book, we look to the scripture to provide the mirror by which we consider our words, actions and behavior in a politically charged environment. Should we hate those who hate? Does the end justify the means? Should we be careful with our choice of words or confrontational in our declaration of truth?

Take a month to pause and hear from heaven before stepping up to the microphone. Heaven and earth are listening. What will you say? What will you think about? What will be your legacy?
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