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Maths fractions made visual, colourful and very simple.

For children who think fractions are no fun and grown-ups who have never found the best visual resources to master basic maths fractions.

— Easy, logically ordered and illustrated with coloured shapes, words, basic equations etc.
— Covers all common fractions; halves, quarters, eighths, fifths, tenths, thirds, sixths and ninths - each from nothing to whole!
— Shows every fraction in 4 different ways: shape, name, proper fraction and decimal fraction.
— For ease of understanding, maximum visualisation and completeness, compares similar fraction types eg halves v quarters, quarters v eighths, halves v quarters v eighths and so on to visually explain the principle of equivalent fractions.
— Visually teaches children and visual learners shape and fraction association.

— Illustrated with colour shapes to develop learner's understanding of fundamental maths fractions.
— Introduces and extensively employs the principle of equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as, whole numbers using colour shapes.
— Compares fractions, decimals and percentages. — Brief introductions to fractions and equivalent fractions plus quick quizzes to check learner's understanding and progress!
— Uses easy language and a lot of colour shapes, simple maths language and fractions vocabulary.

Ages 5-11, Grades Kindergarten-5th grader or Year group 1-6 in primary education (infants, elementary and junior schools).

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A perfect gift for a loved child, visual learner, kids with special educational needs, or someone who is no fan of text-based fractions.

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