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Quick Start Guide to Freezing Food at Home

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Would you love to begin the journey of storing food at home? If so, this 31-page ebook Quick Start Guide to Freezing Food at Home is for you!

We all like to take advantage of grocery store sales or you may even grow your own fresh organic foods.  But once you have them, they have to be stored properly to remain fresh.

So for beginners, the most convenient and easiest way to begin preserving food is by freezing. 

This ebook is full of tried and true tips we have used over the years to freeze foods safely and properly.  

A few things you'll learn: 
  • How to plan ahead to take advantage of sales and the seasons
  • What foods should never be frozen
  • The proper steps for freezing fruits and vegetables
  • Water blanching for proper storage
  • How to freeze meats to prevent freezer burn
  • Safe thawing techniques
... and more

You can begin your journey to food preservation by freezing foods at home. 

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