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eBook 8: The Case of the Haematophagous Equine

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The Case of the Haematophagous Equine is the eighth book in the Wolflock Cases teen fantasy mystery series.

Sometimes the only option you have is to run for your life.

Wolflock never anticipated his journey to Mystentine University would be fraught with danger, but now that he’s away from the safety of the Silver Ice Hair, perils lurk around every winding corner.

Set with the impossible task of finding a sister lost forty years ago, Wolflock and Mothy chase elusive clues with a driver who only travels at night. Stalked by monsters and plagued by nightmares, what hope do they have of finding an old woman lost to the dense forests on the road to the city?

Worse still, they can’t shake the feeling that something is following them. Something… hungry.

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