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Paranormal DVD Bundle - 3 DVDs

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Paranormal DVD Bundle - 3 Paranormal Documentaries!

*The Mysterious Monroe House - The team investigates the famous Monroe House.

*Imprisoned Spirits: In search of the unknown - Investigation of a old jail with lots of bad history.

*Ghosts of Portal 31- A coal mine turned tourist attraction is home to over 200 deaths!

Don't miss your chance to own some of these great DVDs. They are loaded with a lot of Witness Testimony, History and Paranormal evidence.
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Benham Theater: Specters of the Stage (DVD)


Searching for Sasquatch (2021, DVD)


Bigfoot: STILL Tracking A Legend (DVD)


Jesus, Mary & Joseph (DVD,2020)


Imprisoned Spirits: In Search of the Unknown (DVD)


Bigfoot: The Legend is Real (DVD, 2020)


OFW: One Fatal Wrath (DVD, 2020)


Bigfoot Bundle - 6 Bigfoot DVDs

On Sale

Searching For Sasquatch Cahper II: The Watchers (2021,DVD)


Oregon Home of Bigfoot? (DVD)