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20 Keys To A Successful Marriage In The 21st Century

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Carlton and Theresa have been married for over 27 years and have had their share of marital challenges over the course of their relationship.  Despite their personal struggles over the years, they are just as, if not more, in love today than they have ever been.  They currently serve together in ministry at their local church in the Metro Atlanta area.  Through their own ministry, Divine Destiny and Purpose Ministries, LLC God has ordained and equipped them to help people to become unstuck. 

In their new book, Brother Carlton and Reverend Theresa take you on a transparent journey through 20 key principles and strategies that helped sustain them through their marital storms, including failure, unforgiveness, financial challenges, and even resentment. They share from their own individual perspective how, in lieu of divorce, they were able to fight for their marriage; to re-evaluate, to rekindle, to renew, and to strengthen their marital covenant. 

The authors’ transparency allows the reader whether married, single, widowed, or engaged to relate, to see themselves and their challenges and are therefore encouraged, empowered and charged with taking action to fight for and strengthen their own marriage/relationship.

Praise for 20 Keys to a Successful Marriage
"Their work is relevant to today’s problem of divorce.  They are transparent about the challenges and mistakes that they have confronted on their marital journey. They do not pretend to have a perfect marriage. The reader soon discovers that Carlton and Theresa have relied heavily upon their faith in God to empower them to sustain their covenant.”

Rev. Dr. Cassandra Young Marcus, Co-Pastor, Turner Chapel A.M.E. Church, Marietta, GA