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Don't Give Up - Inspiring Audio Book and ebook

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One of the most freeing days of my life was when I realized I didn't have to wear a mask or smile when I didn't want to

I was tired of crying silent tears and trying to figure things out on my own. 

Life is choosing to get back up every time you fall down. Life is about loving God, even when you don't understand what He's doing. Life is about looking at the past and releasing the parts that don't serve you in your NOW. Life is about loving yourself, even when others don't. 

This book was written to inspire you to keep going no matter what. There were day I felt like throwing in the towel, but even in the darkest of times, I realized God loved me. So even when others left, He remained faithful and taught me about the power of love, forgiveness, restoration and redemption. 

Just like the caterpillar in chapter 4 "Butterfly Wings," the process changed my named. It will change yours too.Caterpillar to Butterfly, victim to Victor and cast out and rejected to God's resilient Overcomer.
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