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A martial arts instructor's survival guide for the new economy.


Find out how to do it without taking out loans, without massive overhead, without hiring staff, and without risking your financial future on your new dojo!




With challenges like these, it's harder than ever to keep a dojo running and profitable.

But what if there was a better way? What if you could operate a six-figure dojo for a fraction of the overhead costs?

I did it, and you can too. Read on to find out more...


You may not know me yet, but I'm the author of Small Dojo Big Profits and over a dozen other martial arts business books, courses, and resources.

But just because I wrote the book on starting a martial art school, it doesn't make me immune to recessions. I ran full-time studios through two of the worst recessions in recent memory, and I continued to teach students four nights a week throughout the pandemic.

In this course, I'll tell you how I did it—and reveal how I rewrote the book on starting and running a six-figure martial art school.

In this course, you'll discover:

  • Why running a classic retail center dojo might not be the best choice in today's economy... and the top two alternatives to opening an expensive storefront studio!
  • How to profit six figures a year in the smallest dojo possible...
  • What I did to survive the pandemic, all while profiting more and teaching fewer classes...
  • How you can copy my methods and get your dojo started in the shortest time possible...
  • The secret to making a full-time income teaching just two dozen students....
  • How to transition from your current operation without losing your mind—or your students...
  • Why big school owners aren't profiting nearly as much as you think (this industry insider secret will blow your mind!)
  • How going smaller than you ever thought possible is the key to a lasting career teaching martial arts...
  • Where to open your "micro dojo" so you have the greatest chance of success...
  • Who your target market is (hint: they're not who you think!)
  • How to market your services so you'll always have a waiting list for your programs...
  • How to make your dojo pandemic-proof and recession-proof!

And much, much more...

"Mike Massie’s Micro Dojo program saved my school and my sanity. It gave me a recession proof model that kept me in the black and allowed me to provide great service and training to my clients through the pandemic, recovery, and into today’s crisis."

— J.B. Jaeger


Other coaches are charging $10,000.00 for this information (hand on the Bible, I know of a local instructor who paid that fee to another consultant). But you can have these secrets for just a fraction of that outrageous price.

I know what you're thinking: "If this info is so valuable, why is Mike selling it so cheap?"

Because I've been in your shoes, that's why. I know what it's like to struggle to start a dojo, to scrimp and save only to fall flat on your face and have to start all over again.

I know what it's like to suffer the ridicule of your friends and family, to hear "Why don't you just get a real job?" time and time again.

And I hate seeing martial arts instructors going through what I suffered. That's why I charge a fair yet affordable price for my books and courses.

I may never get rich teaching other martial artists what I know, but I sleep very well at night—and I get to see others succeed due to my coaching and their own hard work.

That's good enough for me, and it's why I hope you'll take a chance on this program. I worked very hard on it, and I went through lots of painful trial and error gaining this knowledge so you don't have to.

What You'll Receive When You Purchase Today:

The Micro Dojo System Course

This course includes 12 lessons detailing everything you need to know to plan and launch your Micro Dojo. Discover the exact process I used to weather the pandemic teaching fewer classes and students while netting more profit! Also includes the audio download and transcript in PDF format.

The Bomb-Proof Dojo Course

The product of ten years of experimentation and research, this is the perfect approach for existing school owners who want to implement aspects of the Micro Dojo System without shutting down their existing operations. Includes a dozen lessons, plus the audio download and transcript in PDF format.

Consider That These Two Courses Alone Are A $10,000 Value!

It's true. Others have paid certain coaches in this industry ten-thousand dollars or more for this very information. But this knowledge can be yours today today for a fraction of that cost.

Yet, that's not all you'll receive...

You'll Also Receive The Following Bonuses:

Small Dojo Big Profits

For those who haven't yet read it or taken the course, I'm including a complementary digital copy of Small Dojo Big Profits. A $40 value, this is essential material to help you understand the principles behind The Micro Dojo System.

The Recession Survival Webinar

In this hour-long video presentation, I share my secrets for surviving not one but two major recessions with my full-time dojos intact. This bonus presentation will show you exactly what to do to prepare, so you never have to worry about any future economic event. A $99 value, yours free when you purchase this course today.

Professionally-designed Ads

It's not enough to know what to teach, or to have a place to teach it—you need students! These plug-and-play ads and social media images have been professionally designed using ad copy I wrote to market my own programs. A $250 value, versions are included for every style.

Order Today And You'll Also Receive This Exclusive Bonus Report, "How To Attract Affluent Clients!"

If you've ever wondered how to get affluent clients—the kind of students who can pay what you're worth—look no further. In this report, I detail exactly how you can attract wealthy clients into your Micro Dojo, and how to charge them a premium for your services. The information in this succinct 17-page report will easily be worth tens of thousands in additional income for your studio, and it's yours to keep when you order today.

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Success Stories From My Clients:

"Upgraded a student from $700 monthly to $1400!"

"Michael, I want to really thank you for all you do to help the industry. We need more leaders like you that truly do love the arts and go out of your way to help others. By the way I just upgraded a student from $700 monthly to $1400!"

—Master Pablo Zamora

"Beyond grateful that we have followed your principles!"

"Hey, Mike! I just want to thank you again. Facing the current events in our world has made Jason and me beyond grateful that we have followed your principles. It's crises like these that put the spotlight on keeping expenses low and maximizing mat space. We are, as always, grateful for your wisdom, guidance, and friendship."

—Cristina Komer Keaton

"The best summer I have ever experienced!"

"I have just had the best summer I have ever experienced. I followed the principles as best as i could, and so far i have gotten multiple phone calls and web leads every single day! Thanks for providing such an awesome product."

—Brian Moretz


Order the course now and get instant access to the Micro Dojo System Course, the Bomb-Proof Dojo Course, Small Dojo Big Profits, the Recession Survival Seminar, the professionally designed bonus ads and marketing materials, and the special bonus report, How to Attract Affluent Clients... everything you need to start planning your own Micro Dojo, today.