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MAbizU: Online Business Education For Martial Art School Owners and Instructors

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At Martial Arts Business U, We Provide Business Education, Training, & Coaching for Dojo Owners and Instructors

Wondering how to go about starting a martial art school? Struggling to grow your dojo? Need guidance in handling your school's growth? We're here to help!

Find Out How To Grow Your Dojo... Honestly

Since 2003, Mike Massie has been sharing honest, ethical, practical business information with the martial arts community. He created MAbizU to be the source for martial arts business education that everyday instructors could follow. If you want to learn how to grow your studio while keeping your program quality high and your integrity intact, this is the place for you.

Learn Universal Business Principles That Work Regardless of Style

Whether you teach traditional karate, tae kwon do, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, kung fu, MMA, or another art, the principles Mike teaches will work for you. We have successful course graduates and coaching clients from virtually every style and system. Regardless of your background or what you teach, what you learn here will work for you.

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We offer courses that will guide you through every stage of your career. Just getting started, or need a refresher on foundational business principles? Take the Small Dojo Big Profits course. Does marketing give you fits? You'll want to check out our in-depth Martial Arts Marketing Success Course. Need help enrolling new students? Then the Membership Sales Success Course is for you. Choose a course from the selection above, and start your journey to a successful, rewarding career as a dojo owner, today.

About Mike Massie

Mr. Massie is the author of Small Dojo Big Profits (2003) and over a dozen additional martial arts business manuals and courses. He pioneered the small dojo movement in the martial arts industry, at a time when the mainstream was focused on "the big school dream."

Mike started his first dojo at age 15 by partnering with his taekwondo instructor. He has since started and run two full-time dojos and three part-time studios, all of them profitable within a few months of opening.

Mike has personally coached dozens of martial arts instructors of all styles through the process of starting and running a successful and profitable martial arts studio. Additionally, he has coached hundreds more online through his group coaching programs and courses, and influenced thousands more through his books and other low-cost resources for instructors.

Mr. Massie lives in the Hill Country near Austin, Texas, with his loving wife of over twenty years and his son, of whom he is exceptionally proud.