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How to Build Your Coaching Business

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If you are an aspiring coach or you are just starting out, what I am about to share here will benefit you.

You Can be a Coach

Every one of us, including you, has some knowledge that people are willing to pay you to learn from you. Your knowledge comes from your academic studies, your hobbies, your working experience, and your life experience in overcoming your problems.

Will people Want to Learn from Me?

What seems effortless and easy for you to do, might be difficult for others. Coaching change lives as well as providing an income for you.

Is Coaching for Me?

This is the perfect job, especially for introverts.
You coach one person at a time or in a small group (eg 4 people or less).
Coaching is just like giving tuition.

What does it take to be a Coach?

You must be a good listener. Ask the right questions. Be respectable. Every expert was once an amateur. Have a heart for service. Be a generous giver.

Is it Profitable?

It is profitable. I started with free coaching. Then $50 per hour. Then $100 per hour. And then I raised it to $200 per hour. I had offered a 4-figure coaching package. One to two hours of coaching a day can earn you a 4-figure monthly income.

The Joy of Coaching

You can interact with your clients online from the comfort of home or meet your client offline at a local cafe. It's a no-cost setup. It is flexible. You set the schedule. Work anywhere, anytime. It's a freedom lifestyle.

Who am I

I am an internet marketing coach. I teach people how to make money online. I have coached more than 50 people, probably about 80 people (and then I lost count) in 1.5 years since late 2014. In Nov 2015, millionaire entrepreneur Fabian Lim appointed me as the trainer and coach for Wealth Internet Academy.

If you are a member of my 'Singapore Internet Marketers' Facebook Group, you can read my clients' reviews of their positive experience with my coaching sessions.

How can I help you

I invested much time and money to learn about coaching from other coaches. I want to share with you whatever I know about coaching, especially practical tips that had worked for me.

Whether you are an Internet marketing coach, a life coach, or whatever niche you are in, 'How to Build Your Coaching Business with Sam' is suitable for you.

What You'll Learn in this e-Course:

I'll share with you about:

* How to pick a profitable niche
* Naming your coaching program.
* Business Model
* Type of coaching
* Delivery method
* Duration of coaching
* How to brand yourself
* How to market your business
* How to conduct the coaching session
* How much to charge

and more...

Is this Coaching Program for Me?

If you are new to coaching or you are just starting out without the desired result, this is for you because I will give you ideas on how to get started.

It does not matter what kind of coach you are, whether as life coach, an internet marketing coach, a parenting coach, an NLP coach, or performance coach. The methodology is applicable. The marketing strategies are applicable to all.

Coaching is the fast way and legitimate way to sell your knowledge and impact lives. Once you sign up, you will have immediate access to the course material which consists of more than 260 tips and 317 pages.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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