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Video Replay- Both Sessions- Connect, Communicate, Convert- Both Sessions

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Join us from 9 am to 4 pm as we work through all aspects of your business to help you plan, launch and communicate your idea!


Session One:


In this session, we will work through the modules of "Unlocking Your Creativity," and you will leave feeling confident that you have a business plan that you can use to launch or freshen up your business.


The modules include:


  1. Unlocking Your Creative Idea
  2. Turning your Creative Idea into a Business
  3. Cultivating your Brand Identity
  4. Launching your Brand with a Bang
  5. Perfecting your Offering
  6. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing


With this session, you will receive the digital version of the 68-page "Unlocking Your Creativity" workbook.


Session Two:


In this session, we will work on how you communicate your business to prospective consumers. This will pick up from where the workbook ends and help you take your marketing vision and bring it to life. 


During this session, we will work through:


  1. How to show up on social media
  2. In-person presentation skills
  3. Working a booth or market and converting browsers to buyers
  4. Traditional Media presentation skills (TV/Radio)
  5. Networking skills
  6. Effectively communicating your brand through the written word


Your sessions will be emailed from after February 5th 2024. 

You will get the following files:
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  • PDF (13MB)