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Times Tables & Multiplication Wheels

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This download includes times tables, multiplication wheels, multiplication bookmarks and worksheets. Most of these worksheets

Pg.1: Handout for students which contains 1-12 times tables.
Pg.2-7: The kiddos will have to complete different kinds of multiplication charts.
Pg.8-13: These worksheets includes multiplication wheels 1-12.
Pg.14-18: The children will have to cut out each box to create a multiplication flip book which can be used as a quick guide and can be punch holed to be used in binders.
Pg.19-22: The student will solve the multiplication problems and will cut out each tab to make a bookmark.
Pg.23-39: The previous pages in black and white.

Thanks & enjoy!

Total 40 pages.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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