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Glitch - Audiobook

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This is an audiobook narrated by: Drew Mehrtens and Michelle Sparks

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I’m obsessed with a woman I’ve never met. Hell, I’ve never even seen a picture of her, unless you count the cartoon avatar she displays during our online gaming nights. To Ara, I’m a quiet gamer who keeps a chat open in case she wants to vent about her day or her loser boyfriend. She has no clue who I am, what I look like, or that she’s the star in the filthy audio recordings I create for my personal pleasure.

When we finally meet face-to-face, I already know Ara’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman and there’s nothing I won’t do to have her. To keep her. To satisfy her. I just hope she can handle my intensity because I’m not going to hold back.

And no one else better stand in my way.


Glitch rules my thoughts and plays a recurring role in my dirtiest fantasies. When we finally meet, he’s nothing like I expected. He’s better. My mind short-circuits the instant he touches me. And when he says my name in his incredibly deep voice? Panty. Meltdown.

After my last relationship, I’ve been shy about starting something new. But Glitch makes me want to take this leap and there’s no denying how badly I want him. There’s just one itsy bitsy problem: my carnal appetite is insatiable.

Will Glitch be able to keep up or will he shut me down once he learns what I like and how often I like it?

Note: This is a super spicy contemporary romance novel with all the BDE and very little angst.

Android Users: When battery optimization is enabled, you may experience issues with audio streaming. This can be disabled in your battery settings.

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Holly W.

5 months ago

Aural orgasm!!!

Sweet baby Jesus - this audiobook! I’d give a millions stars if I could. Be careful where you listen to this, you’re seriously going to be cranked up!! Michelle Sparks and Drew Mehrtens are lava hot and you will be too when you listen to this. 🔥🔥🔥


5 months ago

I am obsessed!!

This was absolutely 🔥🔥🔥

Misus A.

5 months ago

Hot hot hot

First off the narrator for this could not be any more perfect and that voice seriously makes me melty.
The spice is ON POINT and believable.
I always recommend this as a fabulous book to get guys into smut because Glitch is relatable and the smut isn't anything that any normal guy couldn't do.


Verified Buyer

9 months ago

Too hot not to buy it!

If you love the book, you won't want to miss this. Hearing this story told did things to me!


Verified Buyer

9 months ago

Call me Kitty

I loved this book before. I love it more now. The way it is narrated is a great duet. The voice for Glitch is perfect, getting a low gravelly voice that can growl and send shivers down your spine. *chef kiss* Hearing Briana’s book come to life was a joy! Be careful where you listen though, oh spicy ones, unless getting turned on in public is your thing.