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When Hearts Rebel

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Elizabeth Whately is new to London, but already her mother is pressuring her to make a fabulous match with a wealthy nobleman. She would be very happy to do so if only the men she met exhibited any sort of intelligence—sadly she has only been able to have an actual conversation with one man and her mother has deemed him ineligible because of his lack of funds.

Oliver Wynsham hasn’t thought too much about finding a wife. He also hadn’t ever thought he’d worry about having food on his table or a roof over his head, and yet when his father’s gambling losses empty the family’s coffers he begins to do just that. Things come to a head when, with nothing more to wager, his father loses their only estate in a game of cards. Sadly, coinciding with this loss, Oliver discovers the one woman with whom he could actually see spending the rest of his life. Without a penny to his name, however, he knows that he can’t even think of offering for her.

When hearts collide and all seems lost, perhaps only a full rebellion can clear the way forward.

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