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Reading is one of the first and most important steps in the learning of a foreign language. This textbook will help you to learn Ukrainian reading fast, correctly and effectively. Ukrainian Reading Training consists of 2 parts: text and audio. This system can be effectively used for children (from 5 years old, it would have better results if they already read fluently other language) and adults of any age.

Exercises in the book are arranged so that, students gradually and naturally get acquainted with all the letters and sounds, their combinations in different positions which exist in Ukrainian. The system of the exercises allows to memorize and be able to use reading principles of Ukrainian very soon an easily.

Ukrainian Reading Training is easy, simple, convenient and highly effective system of learning Ukrainian reading which is approved by many students. Using the exercises from the Ukrainian Reading Training and following all the instructions you’ll start to read Ukrainian freely in few hours!


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Ukrainian Writing Training


Ukrainian Reading&Writing; Training. Two books for 1 price!