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Wedding Vows for Hire

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Falling for her again might be his undoing

Elizabeth Jones had changed everything about herself down to her name. She'd quashed the naïve, overweight girl she’d been at nineteen. She was a savvy, sophisticated woman with a unique and thriving business that if the details came out, truth be told, could ultimately ruin her.

The young woman who’d left Carson Hill standing at the altar ten years ago was scamming his friend, and there was no one to stop her but him. Coming face to face with her was a punch to his gut. Gone was the shy, curvy woman he’d once loved and believed loved him. And, falling for her again just might be his undoing.


Fiery Billionaire Nights

When Stars Align

Wedding Vows for Hire

Forbidden Agreement

Unfashionable Diva

Revenge's Sweet Reward

Dangerous Curves

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