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What can happen in just one moment? A difficult decision can change your path in life. An innocent question can give you all the answers you ever needed. A simple maneuver can open your eyes to the truth in front of you. A violent reaction can bolster the courage that will give you strength for years to come. Seven stories. Seven moments that will change their loves forever.

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 48mins, HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles where appropriate.

THE FIRST TIME dir. Lorenzo Caproni
A young man catches the eye of another in a public park. The dance begins, the public toilets beckon. For one of them, this is one of many such encounters. For the other, it's the first time.

KISS ME dir. Johnny Doov
A late night hook-up leads Shay and Adam to the bedroom. Before long, chit-chat gives way to passion. But something is missing from their interaction.

NIDHAL dir. Bassem Ben Brahim
This is the story of Nidhal, a young Tunisian homosexual who defended the rights and freedoms of queer people on a local radio station.

SPARROW dir. Welby Ings
When a family myth about his war veteran grandfather is exploded, a boy discovers the strength to stand up to the bullies in a very unusual way.

I AM MACKENZIE dir. Artemis Anastasiadou
​​Caught among toxic masculinity, a sequin dress and a teenage crush, a teen skater, growing up in rural Texas, will have sex for the first time in the back of their dad's truck.

THE PLACE BETWEEN US dir. Lorenzo Caproni
At a hilltop cottage, Giorgio and Matteo are hosting a dinner party for Giorgio's artistic friends from the city. As the group discuss art, cinema and gossip, Matteo goes inside and turns on his video camera.

BY THE END OF THE NIGHT dir. Denoal Rouaud
When taxi driver Karim meets foreign artist Alex, the attraction is instant - but coming to terms with these feelings will take some time.
You will get a MP4 (5GB) file
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