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Learn Accounting The Easy Way

The quick, easy, and fun way to learn the basics of accounting!

Want to learn acounting?

Do feel left out of business discussions that involve financial reports?

Does accounting seem impossible to learn?

Do you want to a quick, easy course to teach you accounting? 

Anyone involved in business will eventually need to use financial statements

Businesspeople that understand accounting have an edge over those that do not. You need to speak the accounting language to improve your business potential.

You may think gaining an understanding of the financial reports will take you months. Some courses take weeks and weeks of long, drawn-out discussions of accounting. However, to gain a foundation of understanding you don’t need a mega course.

Join me to learn the basics in a few hours.

What people are saying

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Really enjoy the examples with pictures and examples of statements along with differences. Very Detailed.

β€” D Finnesand

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Very clear explanation of the concepts. A good review or introduction for anyone interested in accounting.

β€” B Khoja

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Trainer is very explicit, explanation are very clear and easy to understand, especially because I am taking this course to learn about accounting in English, my native language is Spanish but I work in the US so this course has been a good way to improve my knowledge.

β€” John Doe

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Learn Accounting the Easy Way


Course curriculum

  • Basic Terminology
    • 1. Transactions
    • 2. Quiz 1
  • Understanding Financial Statements
    • 1. Financial Statements
    • 2. Balance Sheet
    • 3. Assets
    • 4. Liabilities
    • 5. Equity
    • 6. Quiz 2
  • Profitability
    • 1. Income Statement
    • 2. Accrual Basis
    • 3. Quiz 3
  • The Accounting Cycle
  • Conclusion: Congratulations!