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YouTube Creator Masterclass: Grow Your Tribe & Make Multiple Streams of Income

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Hey Bosses! I created  this YouTube Creator Masterclass: Grow Your Tribe and Make Multiple Streams of Income to help content creators, entrepreneurs and business owners just like you. I am a YouTube Partner and YouTube influencer who grew my channel from 0 to over 20,000 subscribers, built a global fan base and created multiple streams of income by talking about things I'm passionate about on my YouTube platform. I did this all in a few short months and during the almost 2-year long worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. I made more from one Partnership income stream in less than 12 months than many make on a full-time annual salary. That's the power of YouTube!!!

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine to Google and is owned by Google. It is the BEST platform for creating video content and getting paid for it. If you have a YouTube channel or have been thinking of starting one, now is the time to get started, take it off the shelf and let it start working for you. 

WHO is this for?

This class is ideal for authors, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, small business owners, speakers and anyone who wants to leverage YouTube to.......
  • Attract new clients NOW.
  • Grow their tribe and fan base.
  • Amplify their brand equity
  • Secure sponsors and co-brand partnership deals
  • Make money while sleep 
  • Generate multiple streams of income
You have a wealth of content in your mind...or sitting on another platform or in your Google Drive folder not making any money or visible to impact the lives you are called to impact. There are billions of users on the YouTube platform searching for you...searching for videos on topics you're an expert in. It's time for your videos to be on full display. 

This is no watered down webinar. This is a masterclass where I'm teaching you everything...I mean everything I've learned and implemented to have a thriving channel that earns me multiple five figures from each stream, that have my products selling like hotcakes and people begging to work with me and to be my clients. 

If I did it, you can too!! All it takes is you DECIDING to TAKE ACTION! You don't need expensive tools, you don't need to be perfect and have everything together. I was down to my last $10 creating content in the hallway on the 2nd floor of my mom's house. That was then. This is now!!

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You don't need a million subscribers or a million views to make an impact on YouTube. You just need drive, passion and a cell phone or computer. One video can make you money for days, weeks, months and even years. You have the WILL! I'm giving you the WAY!! Billions are being given to content creators, so start making content today!!!

Included in this workshop package is:
3 hour video workshop hosted by your very own Shanté R. Roddy (mp4 format)
3 hour audio recording of the workshop (m4a format)
50 page presentation slide deck (pdf format)

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You will get a ZIP (478MB) file

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