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ADIT Transfer Pricing Book (soft copy)

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This textbook was written specifically for the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) Transfer Pricing exam. It provides full coverage of the core syllabus areas and is designed to be used as an integral part of your preparation studies, to provide you with both the knowledge and confidence to pass your exam.

The book brings together complex transfer pricing issues in various scenarios and provides more than 60 practical cases and examples. It also includes a discussion about recent trends in the transfer pricing world, including the debate on the taxation of the digital economy and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for transfer pricing.

This textbook is based on the author’s extensive experience in delivering training and courses for people joining the world of transfer pricing.

More details about the author and StarTax Education:

Download the sample chapter: Chapter 8: Comparability Analysis Overview.

Paperback, softcover: 361 pages
ISBN: 978-83-958552-0-7


Chapter 1. Introduction to Transfer Pricing         
Chapter 2. The Arm's Length Principle
Chapter 3. Introduction to Functional Analysis
Chapter 4. Functional Analysis in Practice
Chapter 5. Introduction to Transfer Pricing Methods
Chapter 6. Traditional Transaction Methods
Chapter 7. Transactional Profit Methods
Chapter 8. Comparability Analysis Overview
Chapter 9. Practical Considerations of Comparability Analysis
Chapter 10. Intra-Group Services
Chapter 11. Intangible Property
Chapter 12. Business Restructurings
Chapter 13. Intra-Group Financial Transactions
Chapter 14. Cost Contribution Arrangements
Chapter 15. Permanent Establishments
Chapter 16. Compliance Issues
Chapter 17. Avoiding Double Taxation and Dispute Resolution
Chapter 18. Other Issues

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Borys Ulanenko (c)
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