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Time Off - EFL Lesson (B1/B2 level) - Worksheet and Role Plays

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These are the premium resources for the Englishin3d lesson TIME OFF (B1/B2 level).

Two PDFs are included in the purchasable download:

  • A worksheet with vocabulary exercises 2c and 3f.
  • A set of role-play cards for part 4 of the lesson.

The main pages for this lesson are freely available online at

Level: B1-B2.

Length: 60-80 minutes.

Description: A lesson themed around the topic of taking time off work, including vocabulary such as annual leave, time off in lieu, parental leave and flexitime. Intended for students who may need to discuss work schedules in English or to negotiate with an employer.

Language the students need to have already: B1+ vocabulary; a suitable level of reading and speaking skills; general business vocab including employer / employee.

Suitability: Suitable for adult learners, online or offline. Can be used with group classes of any size. For one-to-one lessons, the teacher will need to participate in the discussions and role-plays.

There are no teacher notes with this resource; you can find instructions on the student pages (linked above) and on the worksheets. Answers for the worksheet are at

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (75KB)
  • PDF (64KB)
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