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Taking Off With Tutoring

How To Start Your Own Successful Tutoring Business And Start Making Money Quickly

Thought about starting your own tutoring business but want guidance?

This course is filled with the information you need to start and run your own successful tutoring business!

Get insight, strategies, and resources from someone who makes a full-time living from tutoring and has earned over $350,000.

I started tutoring professionally back in 2011. I was asked by a teacher to provide additional instruction to classmates that needed help with the content, making roughly $12/hr. I decided to pursue tutoring as a job and began working for private tutoring companies. When I struck out on my own, I was charging $25/hr. In 2016, I began tutoring full-time and started my tutoring company. Over the years, I have gained over 200 clients, lots of experience, and my hourly rate is now $100/hr. I’ve had a lot of successes but have also made a lot of mistakes too - all of which you can learn from in this course.

This course is great for...

  • Someone who wants to make extra money on the side
  • Someone who wants to earn money through tutoring
  • Someone getting started (with a company or solo)
  • Someone struggling with getting clients
  • Someone who doesn’t want to deal with trial and error
  • Someone interested in making full-time money

You will learn...

  • The different tutoring business models that exist
  • What kind of tutoring model is the best fit for you
  • Proven ways to find clients ( affordably)
  • How to find the right clients
  • How to effectively get referrals and reviews
  • Cost effective ways to market your business
  • Tools for effectively marketing your business
  • How tutoring income affects your taxes
  • Other useful resources for running your business

This resource includes 2 hours of video courses with accompanying slides and resources with instructions on how to start and run your own tutoring business.


  • 6 video lessons (mp4 format)
  • 6 accompanying pdf presentations (56 slides total)
  • Quiz to help you determine which kind of tutoring works best for you
  • Checklists for each lesson
  • 15+ additional guides, charts, templates, and resources
  • Several outside resource recommendations to take your business to the next level

By following the steps in this course, you will easily make back the cost of this course with your first session or two!

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