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Neuroscience of digital distractions

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This is an online recording of Neuroscience of Digital Distractions, a signature speech that Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina, bestselling author and TEDx speaker, gave for a few years before the pandemic around the world. In this entertaining and insightful talk she explores how the internet is changing our brain. 

In your purchase, you will get two recordings - a shorter (1 hour) and long (1.5 hours) version in mp4 format.

Does it happen to you to go check your email or social media just for a second, and then two hours later find yourself mindlessly clicking on yet another cat video? How about reading something online, and then immediately forgetting what it was about? Do you keep 'doom-scrolling' bad news 24/7, although you know this doesn't help anyone? You are not alone.

Quoting the latest neuroscience research, Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina explains, why our devices are so irresistible that we want to keep checking them and how digital distractions prevent us from good decision making and innovative thinking. She will also discuss the latest results of the research by Consciously Digital on how our digital habits impact our lives and the real cost of allowing your gadgets to dictate your agenda and behaviour.

You will learn practical tips on information hygiene. So you can have better focus, take better decisions, think clearly and creatively, sleep well, and ultimately, take back control of your time and attention without getting rid of your favourite tech devices.
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