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The Inra Language

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Important information:
This document experiences an update once every year, on the 5th of May. The product will be replaced with the updated version annually, so if you wish to have access to the newest version of this language please keep the email from your purchase, which will allow you to re-download the updated file for free.
Currently this release is at V2022, as of the 5th of May 2022.


423 page dictionary of an original Fantasy language created by Adrian von Ziegler.

  • Extensive grammar overview section + detailed conjugation charts (85 pages)
  • Comprehensive dictionary of over 20'000 words and terms (279 pages)
  • Dedicated section of well over 1'000 Inra personal names and their meanings (31 pages)
  • Proverb section (currently in the beginning stage)
  • Etymology section (currently in the beginning stage)
  • Phrase book of common and useful expressions and phrases in Inra

Dedicated to my wife Aelathên, without whom this language would never have existed.
Front cover designed by Aelathên.
You will get a PDF (9MB) file
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