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Luca, Gentlemen of the Emerald City, Book 1

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Hockey season is over, and that means one thing—returning home to my empty condo. With nothing to distract me from this loneliness, it’s going to be a miserable summer.

Then I hire Luca for one night.

At least, it was supposed to be one night.


Ethan isn’t like my other clients (not that I have many these days). He’s nice. He’s genuine. He doesn’t treat me like I’m here to earn my pay.

When he asks me to make this a regular thing for the summer, my wallet doesn’t leave me much choice.

But I’m pretty sure my heart isn’t supposed to get involved.

Gentlemen of the Emerald City

Luca is Book 1 of Gentlemen of the Emerald City, a sexy series centered around the high class, high-dollar Gentlemen of Seattle’s most exclusive escort service. Each book is full of snark, sass, and sweetness, and like any Emerald City client, you’re guaranteed a happy ending.

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