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Heart & Souls -The Complete Collection

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It features "The Little Ugly Duck", Cynthia's exceptional beauty makes her gain fame and admiration but not love, consequently disappointment and sadness are the prize for such comeliness. Unexpectedly she finds love in the most unthinkable place after suffering a terrible accident which turns upside down her own existence.

"The Writer", a young lady whose big expectations about love are those depicted in fairy tales and simple love can't fulfil her wish. Ironically a writer that builds worlds of fiction, but whose life isn't led in the lines of his fantasy, is the man who shows her what true and real love is about.

"A Marriage of Convenience", one story about a girl and boy, from Italian families respectively, who find the most sought in life -without searching for, and they do not by a lovely casualness but by one unpleasant fact.

"Soul Mates", a soul that incarnates the body of a gorgeous woman and whose mission is to find love, but living in and dealing with a material and ironic world make her detour the path to the goal -by which the soul comes to life.

"Nigel", an orphan child who always dreams of having a different life from his own and who can’t notice the blessings around nor appreciate the message of the beings of light given to him in his dreams. So he grows up indifferent to life until fate unfolds tragically to him.

"Heartless", a young scientist's wish to create beautiful people, especially women to have one as his partner, but unfortunately in the whole process of creation he forgets the vital element for a soul that it is a heart.

"My Love Letter", a lad's wish to be loved for an older woman but he finds love in the person who delivers the rosy letter to him.
"The Business Woman", spoken words but not learnt ones. One young clerk talks about nourishing things for personal growth and consequently for life, but weirdly he proceeds having not in mind all what he preaches. So he leaves the impression that never believed in his own words and breaks the heart of the woman who falls in love with him.

And, to complete the collection, the touching and philosophical core of "Happy Christmas", Santa Claus' day off

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