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Algorithms, operators and opaque sub-menus programing : as being math, FM synthesis is not very friendly, but also a very rewarding world for creating new sounds, and a still rather unexplored territory when it comes to drum synthesis.

With this new WaveShaper kit, don't worry about spending hours programming a snare-ish fm sound, this sample pack is ready to use and generously gathers 250 percussive one shot samples created with FM synths.

This FM drum sample pack is all about designing abstract micro sounds, pure tones, sharp transients or percussion simulacra with a twist. Some well-known fm sounds from the 80s are also included to make this kit more than complete.

This kit was created by using mainly a Yamaha TX81-Z rackmount synth from 1987 (and also a pinch of more modern gear like an Alesis Bitrman or a Waldorf Blofeld), with 12bit converters and a quite gritty sound.

Samples are categorized (kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, percs & fx...) for more convenience. All samples are 24bit 48kHz stereo WAV files.
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