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Aer Beanie

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The Aer Beanie takes its name from the Irish word for ‘Air’, and uses simple 1/1 cables to create air bubbles that rise from the twisted ribbing to the crown decreases of the hat. At first these bubbles are regular, but as they rise (and as you work further on the hat) they become free-floating – so you can add them randomly as you choose. Each hat will truly be one-of-a-kind. Only one skein of sportweight yarn, and one size of knitting needle is required to create this light-as-air hat.

Designed by Máirín NíDhonncha

Hat size

Circumference: 18”/45 cm
Depth: 8.5”/21.5 cm


Tapestry Needle (to weave in ends)
Cable Needle
Stitch Marker (to mark start of row)


• The pattern is worked in the round, on one size of needle.
• The crown decrease section takes 1.5”/4cm, so you can modify the depth of the hat by continuing the main body to your desired length. You can even create a slouchy beanie by knitting around 12”/30cm before starting the crown decreases.
• The pattern repeats are over 8 sts. You can create a smaller or larger hat by casting on 8 sts less (or more). For an even smaller or larger hat, use multiples of 8 (e.g. 16 sts less for a child-sized hat).
• All knit sts are worked twisted (tbl), for more definition.
You will get a PDF (353KB) file

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