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7 QC Tools PDF | An eBook with A Detailed Description and Practical Examples

Train yourself and be the master of 7 QC Tools with this eBook of 7 QC Tools in PDF with a detailed description and illustrative examples of all 7 Quality Control Tools. Learn to construct the Histogram, Pareto Chart, Scatter Chart, Control Charts in Excel and analyze the data in Excel.

What are 7 QC Tools?

7 QC Tools are 7 basic tools of problem-solving named as; Process flow chart, Check Sheet, Histogram, Pareto Chart, Cause and Effect diagram or Fishbone diagram, Scatter diagram, and Control charts.

What is the purpose of the use of 7 QC Tools?
The 7 QC Tools are frequently used in statistical process control, lean six sigma, quality management, quality control for process mapping, data collection, data analysis, identify the possible causes of a problem, identify the vital few causes instead of trivial many causes responsible for a problem, study the correlation between the two data sets, and control the process within control limits. Hence in brief the 7 QC Tools are used for quality or process improvement by identifying the problems in the process and solve them to realize the continuous process improvement. In the words of Ishikawa, "95% problems in a factory can be solved with the help of 7 QC Tools"

Why should I buy this ebook of 7 QC Tools PDF?
If you are working as a quality inspector, quality controller, quality manager, operation manager or you are a lean six sigma practitioner in a manufacturing or service organization then this ebook is definitely for you.
The complexity of the business processes is increasing with the growth of businesses across the world and with the growth of complexity, there is a requirement for problem-solving to achieve business excellence, and for problem-solving we need problem-solving tools i.e. 7 QC Tools. As Professor Ishikawa said, "95% problems can be solved with the use of 7 QC Tools" So, this ebook makes you a competitive quality professional for problem-solving to realize continuous process improvement to achieve quality excellence.

The 7 QC Tools PDF ebook is an incredible collection of all 7 Quality Control Tools with detailed illustrations and practical examples. The eBook explains how to construct the Histogram, Pareto Chart, Scatter Chart, Control Charts in Excel with graphics and excel commands, and how to analyze the data using the tools in Excel.
It also helps you to train yourself and become the master of the use of 7 QC Tools in quality control, lean six sigma application for continuous process improvement.

This eBook also includes an objective-type test paper using which you can test your learning about the 7 quality control tools and assess your competitive position using the answer key given in the book.

If you are searching for a job in quality then this eBook is also a lifeline for you because it not only trains you but clears all kinds of doubt about the application of 7 QC tools in problem-solving.

Does this 7qc tools pdf eBook help me to create the charts in Excel?
Yes, this 7qc tools PDF eBook certainly helps you to make charts in excel. It illustrates graphically how to make the Histogram in excel, how to make a Pareto chart in excel, how to make a scatter chart in excel, and how to make a control chart in excel in a step-by-step manner with excel commands to do the calculations in excel.

So buy this ebook now to be an expert on 7 QC Tools.

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