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Worry Scripture Memory Cards

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These Worry Scripture Memory Cards will calm your worry and help you draw closer to Jesus as you meditate and memorize the verses.

It is my prayer that the Lord Jesus will use these to comfort you in the challenge of walking through this life!!

These Bible verses come on two sheets which you may print and cut into six cards.

They are wonderful aids for meditation of Scripture and memorizing and hiding God's Word in your heart.

We never know when the political climate will change in our country and we lose our freedom to worship and practice our faith outwardly. 

Bibles have been confiscated or burned in many countries throughout history and even more recent times. 

I remember hearing about Christians in China who shared only two pages of a Bible.They had memorized each Word on those pages.

What if our Bibles were somehow blocked on the internet and our physical Bibles were taken away?

Having lived next to China as a child, I am convicted because I have not memorized as I should have. Let's join together and print off these verses and commit them to memory.

Another thing you can do is copy these verses into a notebook. You would be surprised how the Holy Spirit will miraculously bring them to your memory when you need them most!
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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