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Self-Publishing Success Workshop w/ Christine Bergsma

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Would you like to publish your own books, novels, workbooks, journals and more?

Join Christine Bergsma from Journaling Through and myself, Emma Franklin Bell as we present all the stuff we know, have experienced and have tried out when it comes to self-publishing

Together we share tips and tricks around self-publishing, collaborating with co-writers, what online platforms are worth using, different marketing ideas and more!

Knowing more and more about self-publishing is liberating because it means you don't have to rely on external publishing houses or printing presses to make your dreams a reality. You can literally become your own publisher, how awesome is that?!

Who is Christine Bergsma?
After completing her law degree, Christine focused her efforts on human rights and the impact of trauma that follows life-altering events. As an expert in mental health, she created a business called Journaling Through five years ago. She has grown her author's platform through international public speaking events, guest appearances on podcasts, workshops and guided journals to complement the healing process. Journaling Through has been nominated for numerous awards and placed in high-profile competitions. In addition, she studied fiction writing through multiple workshops, including Business Writing and Creative Writing at the University of Toronto and Western University, respectively.

Who is Emma Franklin Bell?
Emma Franklin Bell is an author, artist and mentor for creative people. She is the Founder of Franklin Bell Media, a writing consultancy that supports people to express themselves through words. Her flagship book coaching program Manuscript Mastery® has paved the way for many writers to become published authors in the business, inspirational and health and wellbeing space. Emma’s passion is in supporting people to use creative work to express themselves wholeheartedly.

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