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The Easy Social Media Marketing Plan For Authors: Grow Your Audience, Build Trust and Make More Money!

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Feel confident using these book marketing tips to achieve more sales.


·        Engaging with your audience is too time-consuming and it takes you days to respond to their replies.

·        Not being taken seriously because you have not defined exactly what you do.

·        Overwhelmed with what content to post because you do not have time to do the research.


Introducing efficient book marketing tips that are easy to apply and produce immediate results.

Get buyers to come to you with these book marketing ideas.

Discover highly effective book marketing strategies and tips.


The book marketing strategies covered in this book will help you:

·        Grow your email list of people that are interested in your book

·        Sell more copies of your book consistently

·        Attract influencers who have established platforms to get you noticed.

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