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Aria Blake And Salina De La Renta vs Sarah Brooke And April Hunter

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(Women’s Tag Team Match w/o Referee, Experience Mismatches)

In a battle of dueling hair colors, younger brunettes Aria Blake and Salina De La Renta take on well-seasoned redheads Sarah Brooke and April Hunter in a tag team war in “Redheads vs. Brunettes”! Neither are very fond of the others’ hair and make no bones about the fact! Needless to say, that in addition to Aria and Salina not thinking much of Sarah and April based on their ages, makes for a lot of pride to be at stake in this one!

This match is really physical, as both pairs enter it with just a tiny bit of a chip on their shoulder! There’s numerous Kicks, Slaps and Punches delivered, along with lots of Low Blows, vicious Hair Attacks, Choking and much more! Which duo eventually emerges from this highly intense battle victorious over the other and proves their hair color to be superior? Watch for a little extra circular activity after the match, as the winners decide to inflict a little more punishment to the woman that takes the loss for her team before things completely wrap up!

A bitterly fought tag match for honor, respect, ego and hair! It’s a good one for the smash mouth wrestling fans out there!


Arm Pulls Through Ropes, Atomic Drop, Back Elbows, Back Rake, Body Stomping, Camel Clutch, Chinlocks (Chinlock & Rear Chinlock), Chokes (Double Boot Chokes & Hand Chokes), Corner Head Ramming, Double Axe Handles, Face Slapping, Forearms, Full Nelson, Hair Attacks (Foot Hair Crushes, Hairpulling & Hair Wrapping in Ropes) Kicking (Double Mule Kick, Mule Kick, Shoot Kick & Soccer Kicks), Knees to Body, Low Blows (Elbow Drop Low Blow, Kicking Low Blow, Kneeing Low Blows, Punching Low Blow & Stomping Low Blows), Overhead Chop, Punches (Belly Punch, Throat Punch & Uppercut), Mat Face Slams, Shove into Corner, Snapmare Takeover, Spank, Stinkface

(Shot in 4K)
You will get a MP4 (752MB) file
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