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Med SLC Compilation - Crutches and Scooters (in each clip)

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Black MED SLC compilation.

You'll receive three zip drives with individual video clips featuring the following three med injuries and SLC's:

Black Achilles SLC 1: A coach has torn her achilles playing volleyball and now is in a worn black SLC and birkenstock.  She talks you through her injury and what she was thinking before taking her knee scooter to a drug store with plenty of sole shots and another big box store.  She is very chatty and she even shows you how she uses her crutches to fetch the scooter from the car.  She is very agile and has some great features. Later, she crutches in and out of a restaurant with a sock on the cast, before heading back to campus to crutch around the gym and tell you all about her cast and life in it.  She also crutches in and out of the locker room, shows off her range of motion and continues to tell you about life in a cast.  She is tall, and an awesome crutcher.  These videos have the feel of a sighting coupled with the one on one interviews you expect from CCC.

Black Broken Fibula SLC:  In this video we meet a club rugby player who tried to walk off a wayward tackle only to find out from her orthopedic she had broken her fibula.  We meet her on campus talking about life as a student-athlete in a black SLC with a black sock pulled over the toes.  She shares all about her injury and again there is knee scooter footage along with crutching footage. This has the real feel of a following sighting video, but there's plenty of her talking about the injury, showing her cast, and talking about how it affects her busy social schedule.  She is a proficient crutcher with a great attitude sharing all about her casted plight.

Purple Foot Surgery SLC: In this clip, we meet a leggy, athletic blonde who has just had major foot surgery a few weeks ago. She starts by hopping to get her knee scooter from the car, then scooters through the parking lot and mall. She is also super chatty and loves to talk about her injury and how it's affecting her career. She scooters into an elevator before propping the cast and toes in your face to talk more about it.  She scooters in and out of a few stores before returning to her truck to grab her crutches. She's a phenomenal crutcher and crutches through some light rain and wind and tells you more about her life on crutches as she navigates a store and even an escalator.  Her smile is worth buying this alone.
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