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Emma SLWC (Term) with Toe Plate Cleanup in Clog and Wheeling Down the Hall (in HD 1920X1080)

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Nurse trainee Emma still draws clinic cleanup duty even though she has a leg cast on. Today she ironically has to clean up the casting room and she is in a nursing uniform and wearing a single comfortable clog. After rubbing down the plaster filled gurney and mopping the floor using her casted foot to control the mop straining bucket Emma wheels the wheelchair out of the room. Her leg is tired though and she decides to use the chair but almost trips over it in her cast trying to get in it. Then she rolls down the hall to the hallway window so she can prop her casted leg up on the sill and wiggle her exposed toes (closeups). After a bit of rest, she gimps down the hall with the wheelchair.

LENGTH: 12 Mins
SIZE: 805 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 11/23/22

You will get a MP4 (805MB) file

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